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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Crazy Horse - art or porn?

My work team decided to follow the Spore's govt stance on moving towards an open-minded society - they brought 90 of us to watch the Crazy Horse performance at Clark Quay last night. For those of you who aren't familiar with Crazy Horse this is the same famous topless revue from Paris recently 'imported' into Singapore. The night out started with a 3-set course at Le Restaurant, the western restaurant housed just above the theater. I had a tuna appetizer, followed by salmon and dessert of ice cream sandwiched in between 2 dark chocolate slices. The food was so-so tourist fare - edible but not memorable and certainly not worth the price! For $55 a head, it's no wonder that this place is not drawing any fans and I've even heard rumours that they might close down :p.

The ambience was reasonably inviting..the restaurant is decorated in scarlet red finishings and very Victorian style furniture. They have a lounge next door for pre-dinner drinks that looks like a good place to hang out with inviting "Dom Perignon" embroided cushions and even a bed-like chair ;)

The highlight of the evening was of course the show : We were ushered into a big seating area and as I was late, I was seated 3rd row from the stage..which was fine..still great stage visibility in a very plush comfortable chair. Our ticket allowed us one drink and they also served wasabi coated nuts..nice!

The curtains unveiled about 12 half nude ladies wearing those bushy hats that the English Queen's guardsmen are so often seen it, and doing a "salute" number. One cannot help but be drawn to the boobs on display - that is after all, the centrepiece of the whole show. Very little is left to the imagination here - I could basically see everything..the boobs and buttocks (the ladies wore fairly skimpy thongs) - all clearly visible and well-lit.

Honestly, I found myself bored midway through and concluded that this was more for the horny male (especially middle-aged blokes looking for a way to legitimize their thrills) than ladies. Out of all the performances (I think there were like 10 mini-performances), I felt only 2 acts managed to qualify as "artistic nudity". The rest of the performances seemed more like out of a glossy soft porn video. Lots of seductive poses as well as suggestive acts coupled with fake orgasms :p

So my last take ? Crazy Horse = XXX (poorly) disguised as art

A creamy affair at Melt Cafe

I think I have figured out why they call the buffet restaurant at Oriental Hotel - Melt Cafe. Although they had a good buffet spread of Jap, Thai and Indian cuisine, it was the dessert spread that wowed me...chocolate fountain, local kuehs, fruits, ice-kacang, wafles,..you name it, they had it. I was particularly excited when I found out they served Movenpick walnut maple ice-cream - which melts easily , hence the name ;))

My love for this flavour began when Jin ordered the milk-shake version from Crossroads Cafe at Marriot. The first sip hooked me! Unfortunately, I could not find this brand in the retail shelves so imagine my delight when I saw in at Melt. I had 2 scoops at lunch on the 1st day..and could not wait to have more scoops the next day. On day 2, I was happily telling my work mate that she had to try it when she broke the news that they weren't serving my fav. flavour that day! *horrors* :(

Decided that it was time to bring on the charm monster in me ;)..went to slather my full smiles to the chef and within 15 minutes, he came and presented me with 2 scoops :). Add in my little nutty condiments and lunch was settled :).

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Mei Mei!

June 27! My sister Lynda turns 29 today..(have not gotten her a pressie yet *gulp*..thankfully, there's online gift certificates ;)..heehee. ). That's us together on her wedding day last August (can you believe how hard it is to find a pix of just the 2 of us? :p)

Although we are gezillion miles apart, I hope she knows that she's always in my thoughts (we do have an uncanny skill of knowing what the other is thinking!) and I do miss her...sending out all our best wishes to her thru this blog (not sure if the homing pigeon arrived safely?) and may you have many more wonderful bday celebrations to come :) Love ya!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Spicy Ramen craving...

After 2 days of boat food (altho very tasty, also very very oily), I developed a craving for a soupy dinner. Wee Hoon (WH) mentioned to me that she visited a ramen place at Hong Leong building in town and it served excellent spicy ramen so Jin and I decided to make that our dinner venue after being at sea for 2 days.

We drove all the way there just to find out that it does not open on Sundays :p (now, why didn't WH tell me that!) After much deliberation, we decided to head towards Robertson Quay (the lure of free parking on Sundays) to see what we could discover there. I remembered passing by a ramen place when I met up with Charmaine for lunch a couple of weeks back so in we went into "Ichibantei"

The picture-menu showed lots of different ramen (soupy, spicy, dry, japanese, taiwanese) and also Jap rice dishes. I zeroed in on the spicy katsu ramen and Jin picked the unagi, egg rice. Both were excellent choices :D. The pork in my ramen was really juicy and lean and very different from the pork in other ramens I have tried previously which is usually very very lean and not as tasty. I just wished that there were more than 2 slices! Jin's rice dish was extremely tasty and they were generous with the unagi.

We could not resist finishing the meal with a soft served ice-cream which we saw everyone having. It came in a cute cone-holding device and was delicious! Will definitely frequent this place again the next time a ramen craving hits!

Oh, funny ending to this meal..as we were paying, I picked up their business card and noticed that they had another outlet..guess where? Yup, the same one at Hong Leong building..hah! How's that for coincidence? ;)

Officially DIVE certified!

I did it! After an intense week of theory and pool lessons, a weekend (2N,3D) on a live-on-board and 5 dives later, I am officially a PADI certified leisure diver :))

We sailed off on the MV Seabourne from the Republic of Spore, Royal Yatch Club at 8pm Friday night, arriving at 7am the next morning to Pulau Aur, off the Johor coast. There were a total of 14 divers and 1 captain/cook and 2 helpers. Jun and I were the only ones taking our open water exam. We met our Dive Master (DM), Eric, who has to-date done over 1000 dives *gulp*

We did 3 dives on saturday and I managed to touch a turtle! Not bad for a novice diver yeah? Saw tons of marine life, lots of nemos, sea slugs, 2 stingrays, schools of various fishes, 3 puffer fish, 1 hermit crab, lots of nudi branch, corals - both hard and soft. The visibility on Day 1 was pretty good and I really enjoyed myself.

Was woken up at 7am on Sunday to start our 4th dive at Jack's Rock at 745am. This looked like a really exciting place to dive ..unfortunately, we were hampered by poor visibility :(. This was the 1st dive where Jin and I got to be dive buddies! Too bad the visibility was bad so we had to cut short our dive but not before I got to see Jin doing mid-water cartwheels..heehee

Eric is a really good DM..very patient, meticulous and humorous. Jun and I were really fortunate to get him to ourselves..seems it's usually 5-6 pax per DM. Overall, it was a relaxing weekend trip away from Spore..we are already looking forward to another trip in July before we head to Bali in August in search of the "mola-mola" aka Sunfish.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Diving class madness!

Last night saw Jun and me at the dive centre from 6.30pm till 1.30 am!! Unbelievable...my crazy dive instructor, Lido , is really too intense and strict ...was hungry, tired and sleepy..but good news! Scored 90% despite not studying :p..Jun and I are the official "Wing Masters" - only good at winging exams ..heehee

Am off to take my open water test tonight. It's a boat trip to Pulau Aur, off Johor. Can't wait for my first dive tomorrow..hope to see lots of Nemo fish :0)

A lava cake worth living for :)

Finally! After weeks of tasting every molten lava cake on the menu to find one that comes close to the one at Ember, I managed to find one which satisfied my craving. Taadaa!!....

One of our agencies wanted to introduce their new graphic designer - Spencer. We met up for a working & introductory lunch at Andre Wine and Dine at Telok Air street. This small restaurant specialising in French cuisine is not that well-known but I personally think it's a hidden gem, very very value for $$. Although they serve set lunches at $20 with a good variety of options, I picked the duck confit from the ala carte menu. The succulent and perfectly oven baked duck was sooo good..I put it on my 'best place to have duck confit under $30 list' in Spore :)

After finishing every piece edible of the duck (I should have taken a pix of how well I cleaned it up..heee), I waited with mixed anticipation for the dessert made of Valrhona chocolate. It was presented in such a delicate way that I felt bad poking into it. But I had to - to make sure the chocolate will ooze out unlike the one I had at Iggy's the day before. You can imagine my delight when it did ooze out and my utter contentment when the taste lived up to its name : "Live for chocolate"...

By the way, Spencer? nice guy :)

Baby San has arrived! :)

"The baby has arrived. It's a boy. 3.1kg"

I received the above sms from Soo Ching (SC) just past noon today, while I was in the cab. I could hardly contain my excitement and nearly forgot to pay the cab driver in my haste to call SC to congratulate and see how she was doing. The new parents still have yet to make a decision on his name *eyes rolling* despite the many months of planning - but SC did tell me that "Nicholas" is in the running..hurray, that was one of the names I suggested ;)

He came in one week ahead of schedule and SC commented that her 2 hours of labour hardly hurt!!

Can't wait to see him next weekend when we are back in KL.. my sms to his Daddy : Chien Wei..

"Congrats! Welcome to the world of more eye bags :))"

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Iggy's - Been there, done that!

I have been looking forward to having lunch at Iggy's especially since it won the 4th best restaurant in Asia nomination and came in no. 98 on the coveted World's Best Restaurants list, being the only restaurant in South East Asia to make it within the top 100.

Pulling together my Pabulum Club friends (more about Pabulum in another post), we ventured out on a working day for our monthly "tai-tai wannabes" lunch. We had been eagerly counting down to this day since reservations were made about 1 month back.

The set menu at $45+++ showcased a myriad of entrees, mains and 4 dessert options. Since there were 4 of us, we agreed to do the really "un-glam" thing of sharing food in a glam-glam venue. Somehow the waiter saw through this and Mr Iggy himself offered to bring us plates to share...heee :D

Our meal started off with a complimentary mini appetizer of pumpkin and tofu puree..very welcoming...the taste was subtle yet defined (whatever that means ;). For entrees, we ordered the mushroom raguot, ebi cappellini and squid ink risotto with char-grilled baby squid. All the entrees were excellent! The risotto had the perfect blend of cheese, not over powering at all. Cass loved the ebi which was dried shrimps mixed in long strands of thin noodles. The mushroom came with an egg and a lovely sauce which was cleaned up instantly..am sure the cook would have been happy to see the satisfaction on our faces :D

For mains, we choose the seabass, lamb and Iggy's signature burger. The burger surprised us as we were expecting something big and meaty (kinda like the ones the size at Carl's Jr) but what was served was closer to the modest size of a Mos burger. Myra commented that we did not order from the kid's menu..heehee..anyway, of the 3, the seabass stood out..so crispy was the skin that it felt like we were having seaweed instead of fish. The lamb was so-so and actually, the rawness put me off :(. I did not try the burger (it was wayyy too small to be shared and Cass is a big eater!) but was told that it really wasn't that great especially given that it is supposed to be a signature dish.

I could not wait for dessert but I guess I should have. My molten lava cake was definitely not anything like a volcano. Nothing oozed out when I cut it in the middle..did someone forget to reheat it? Myra's banana tart was my favourite as the crust was oh-so perfect.

Conclusion - for $45+++ a set meal, I'd rather go back to my long standing favorite Ember. Iggy's won me over only through his superb entrees and excellent service...also extra marks for their divine olive bread!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happee Father's Day!

Jin's parents dropped in for a week's stay last week. Horrible us hardly spent any time with them due to work and other commitments so we decided to redeem ourselves by taking them out for meals on the weekend.

To celebrate Father's Day, we choose to have dinner at Zen Japanese Cuisine, our secret hideaway for good Japanese Fusion food. We ordered about 6 dishes :- Beef cubes with sweet potato (pictured : mouth-watering isn't it?!), grilled mackeral, Mushrooms with duck slices (pictured : check out the size of those mushrooms!), Curry Flavoured rice, crab croquette and soft-shell crab sushi. The quality of food here does stand out and I guess my only "complaint" is the poor variety of dessert offered - only ice-cream..quite the boring :p

Surprise house guest - Chloe Luthi

My ol pal from Melaka came a knocking yesterday...I have known Olivia (aka Liv for short) since HP Msia days and we have kept in touch despite even being across the continents at one stage :). She's moved back to Melaka as Stefan managed to wiggle a 2 year work stint and now we get to meet more than once a year so that I can see how big Chloe has grown (Above pix). Pix below shows Chloe at a few months old.

She's such a cutie..2 years 8 months and very well behaved. A real cartoon addict and I think she was dissapointed when she asked me this morning for the cartoon channel and I had to sheepishly tell her that her "Ayyi Cindy (Aunty Cindy)" did not subscribe to the cartoon channel on cable :p. Thankfully, I managed to dig out "The Incredibles" DVD which kept her occupied for the morning *I hope* !

Too bad I am soo busy preparing to take my open water scuba test this week..leaving me no time at all to spend with Liv and Chloe :(. Last night's theory class saw Jun and me sitting in the room from 7.30pm till 11.45pm!! My fanatic instructor, Ludo from Mauritius is a slave driver! No drinks and I practically had to beg for a toilet break at 10.15pm. Am quite the upset with Jin cos he assured me that learning scuba was easy as a pea..*blah* ;)

Anyway, Liv has promised to try *TRY* to arrange for a gathering in Melaka to celebrate Chloe's 3rd birthday. Hopefully it transpires..otherwise, I will just hope to see Chloe in October where we will go to the Spore zoo together..I can't wait :D

Saturday, June 17, 2006

And Paddy turns ONE!

Well, 1 year 2 months and 2 weeks to be precise :). That's the big boy with Charmaine and me in the above photo!

I finally attended my first doggy bday party..not knowing what to get for the bday dog, I dragged Jin all over orchard and even through 1 pet shop to find the perfect gift. After looking through countless of tacky doggy stuff, we made the decision to get something for the party instead :p. We ran through our options - apple strudel, cheese cake from hilton, royce chocolates, tubs of ice cream from Island Creamery but felt that they were all too ordinary. I quickly called up my contact for Jelly Hearts Cheese cake but they were sold out for the day :(.

Finally, we decided to be plain boring and got a white wine for Charmaine instead. That, at least we hope she can recycle if she does not drink..heee ;)

The party was delightful. We met Ciku, a 1.5 year old shy Chow Chow..soo cute. And of course, Jin met Paddington for the 1st time..and he was as hyper as ever (I meant the dog, not Jin! ;)

Charmaine laid out a great spread of cup cakes from CCup, mee siam, apple pie, curry puffs, variety of ang ku kueh (I had the yam flavoured one) and grapes. The cupcakes looked too pretty to be eaten..we contemplated between the chocolate flavoured one vs coconut as the lemon really was too pretty so could not be eaten. We finally decided on the coconut, which surprisingly, did not taste anything like coconut..more tangy..it was nice..very moist, soft..I found the topping a bit too sweet so we finished everything but that part ;). Will have to give the chocolate a try next time round as we were too stuffed to eat another :(.

My last take on bday parties for doggies..I like I like I like..all dogs should have parties in my perfect world :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A musing on different lunch locations

This week, I had the opportunity to experience lunch at 3 vastly different locations :- Public food court, high end posh restaurant, home-cooked meal at colleague's home.

Public food court :- Food Junction @ Harbourfront (wednesday)
In my quest to help my pal Lin to overcome her jetlag from her recent US trip, we made arrangements to meet for lunch..I really enjoy her good company so it was nice that she travelled far just so that we could do lunch..she wanted asian (enough of american food she says) so we headed for the food court where I had an expensive (for food court prices) S$8 bowl of korean bi bim bap. Good thing is that it was at least up to its mark in terms of tastiness. We had to do the usual "I book the seat, you go order first" routine as as with all food courts, space is usually hard to come by especially during peak lunch hours.

Food : *** (good for food court standard but not value for money)
Price : $
Ambience : *** (as with all things sporean, cleanliness scored;)
Level of muscle activity : high (had to book seat, walk around to see what fancied my tastebuds, line-up and carry own food back to table)

Posh restaurant : Il Lido @ Sentosa Golf Club (thursday)
Having read quite a number of good reviews on Il Lido, I ventured out with 6 other folks to check them out as part of a business lunch. The views are really something and I can imagine it being pretty romantic during dusk and dinner. Wee Hoon commented that the simple looking chairs we sat on were actually designer chairs costing a few hundred dollars each *gulp*.

We ordered a range of appetizers to share - calamari's, ravioli with crabmeat + cod and a tortilla cheese mushroom dish. Of the three, the crabmeat dish was most unique and stood out followed by the cheese dish. My main course which was the beef tenderlion was more medium rare than medium done..thankfully, great service from Kit who patiently took my dish back to be re-cook..I think he was really dissapointed with the way I "abused" my beef ;). The lamb chops were done quite well..but I still think the appetizers scored better. Dessert was creme brulee, tiramisu and flourless chocolate lava cake. I usually look forward to lava cakes and could not wait to try this but was quite disappointed as although it had the right texture, the chocolate had no oomph..Beard Papa's version stood better at 1/3 the price! Best in my opinion is still the lava cake at Ember :)

Food : **** (Their appetizers saved the day..mains are so-so only)
Price : $$$ (but free for me ;)
Ambience : ***** (a great place to be just to relax)

Level of muscle activity : 0 (well, maybe 1 just to chew and swallow - otherwise, we were treated like royalty, Kit was marvelously attentive, even bringing us a pot of warm water with lemon! when he heard a cough at the table)

Home-cooked meal @ Abhijit's house (Friday)
I always am envious of people who have helpers who are also great cooks. Abhi's maid cooks excellent Indian vegetarian and having tried her cooking nearly one year back, I decided to be thick-skinned and self-invite and organised the lunch at his place (I hope my honesty here does not stop anyone from inviting me to their place for a good meal :D )

We were not dissapointed..unfortunately, I was too busy wolfing down all the dishes to ask the name of each dish but trust me when I say, every dish was sooo Indian good. The added plus was that I got to play with lovely Zen, Abhi's golden retriever, who like his name, is such a gentle soul. We finished off the meal with the cakes I bought from Canele and one word summed up the whole lunch - Excellent!!! If only we did not have to go back to work..:(

Food : ***** (have already made mental note to self to be thick skin again in 6 months time for a re-invite! - infact, I managed to take away some leftovers..totally shameless :p )
Price : no money can buy!
Ambience : ***** (anywhere Zen is, it gets a 5 star rating;)
Level of muscle activity : 2 (only because I had to buy and cut the cake..heehee..otherwise, it was home style royalty treatment) - Thanks abhi!!!

So there you go, 3 very different locations serving very different kinds of food..I have no favourites (although the meal at Abhi's lingers longer in memory)..I concluded that it's really the company (great catch up time with lin, hilarious time with agency especially on eugene's antics, comfortable time with colleagues to celebrate the end of a work week)..ahh, :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The weekend it rained

Rainy weekend summary :-
Food places visited - Hong Lim Complex, The Chambers, PS Cafe, Toa Payoh food centre, island creamery
Dvds watched - Riding alone for a thousand miles, Keeping Mum
Sports watched - World Cup (Eng vs Paraguay), French open finals (Nadal vs Federer)
ECA - visited RiverPlace apartments, spa at Goodwood Hotel

I had planned an exciting weekend last week...unfortunately, I can't plan the weather :(. Besides the usual shopping at orchard and apartment viewing, I arranged for some friends to meet at Botanical Gardens as there was a free latin concert showing..I even prepared the picnic basket in my mind - terra cotta chips (huge bag compliments of my darling sister Lynda), chocolate cake(compliments of eddie), drinks, mat, insect repellant...BUT, it rained the WHOLE sunday!

Nevertheless, it was a good weekend..Jin and I decided we had enough of expensive meals and wanted to try the local fare instead. We bought a book titled "Makan places lost and found - spore" and that took us to Hong Lim complex in Chinatown to eat Mee Pok. The shop had like 3 chopsticks from Mr Seto of Makansutra fame as well as several awards from different bodies. I personally would give it a 2.5 star rating out of 5. Maybe because I like my Mee Pok gravy to be spicy and the sauce in this place just did not do it for me. After eating, we walked by the other shops and found a long queue at a curry chicken mee store. Jin also discovered that this area sells Msian bak kut teh. So this coming weekend, we will bring our in-laws (visiting for a week) to try out the curry mee and bak kut teh. I can't wait!

Saturday night saw us at UE area where we watched a pathetic game of England beating Paraguay 1-0. Thank goodness for David Beckham to oogle at, otherwise Wee Hoon and I would have been absolutely BORED. There was a good size crowd at Chambers, however, the service and food gets a negative 5 star rating (if there was such a rating!). I will let IZ comment in his blog on how disastrous the service and food was. Thankfully, there was Canele where I had the Gataeux Chocolat. This was even more heavenly than the Opera I had the night before!

Sunday, Eddie and Yen Ling hopped over for a game of tennis..BUT, because it was raining, the guys ended up exercising their minds and fingers instead on the x-box. YL and I wanted to burn off some calories in anticipation for the brunch we planned at PS Cafe so we hit the gym for a good workout.

PS cafe - hmm, my 3rd visit there and I am still not impressed with the food (we had the pork loaf salad)..how I rate this aspect is based on VALUE. For a certain price, one must compromise with certain quality. A salad dish costing more than $S20 shld taste pretty good but at PS Cafe..not! I have to give them top marks for the gorgeous ambience..very relaxing and charming, a perfect place for brunch on a lazy Sunday morning (as you can see from Jin and Ed's faces). Their ginger pudding dessert which I had previously (they don't serve it a brunch) is what pulls me to come back. I am such a sucker for good desserts :p

We spent the remainder of Sunday being absolute coach potatoes. Watched "Keeping Mum" on dvd and the british humour cracked us up. My restless self got pretty irritated with the constant rain and seeing botanical gardens escapade was out of the window, we decided to calm me with tea ;). Again, we went to another local hawker site at Toa Payoh Lorong 5, one of my favourites due to the good number of variety and easy parking.

I usually go straight for the rojak and belacan stingray but decided to try the fish ball noodles this time round..the queue at this store is always a mile long so I was really happy to be number 5 in line instead of 20. My happiness was short live when I realised the lady at the front ordered like 5-6 packets..good grief! Anyway, back to the noodles..they were absolutely delicious! Jin was shocked I liked it so much as he knows I am not much of a fish ball noodle fan.

Tea would not be complete without dessert. Took Jin to check out Island Creamery, local ice cream shop which sells unique flavours such as bandung, pulut hitam, teh tarik, cendol etc. We bought a tub of teh tarik back for in-laws to try..it's surprisingly good!

Ended the weekend with a spa treat at Goodwood Park Hotel's Aspara spa. We both had the body bliss package consisting of an orange sugar scrub and balinese massage for 90 minutes. Can a girl ask for a more perfect weekend? yes, if only it did not rain :p

Friday, June 09, 2006

June - a month where sports rule our lives

Its started. French open, world cup and NBA finals. Jin's going crazy not knowing which channel to watch and I am going dizzy with all the channel changing! My preference is tennis cos it's just 2 good looking men to focus on instead of a whole field of men ;)

This week has been slooowww..thank goodness for my lunch planning..I managed to visit Shunjuu ( a jap restaurant) on Monday with wai koon, jun and wee hoon. Afterthat, we had coffee at Rivercafe. Then on Wednesday, it was lunch with Charmaine at Simply Bread. She brought along her little pincher doggy named Paddy. He is cute! We have been invited to attend Paddy's 1st bday next weekend..I can't wait. My first doggy bday invite ;)

Tonight, we visited Mamma Lucia restaurant for Italian food..I actually wanted to splurge at Humble House but they were fully booked :p. Had lasagne at Mamma Lucia which was so-so but the head waiter was really friendly so I guess service compensates the mediocre food. I will however go back for their ridiculously cheap bar drinks and food. Feeling highly unsatisfied with dinner, we decided to treat ourselves a cake from Canele and that ended the night well :)..my mission is try at least 50% of their range of cakes by year end. Today we had the "Opera", which was a yummy 7 layer(i lost count) chocolate cake.

After dinner, we headed round the corner to Chambers to make reservations for tomorrow night's world cup dinner and show. The weekend ahead already looks interesting. :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mid-year posting - June 2006

I finally created a blog! Decided that it's a good way to start off the 2nd half of 2006. How time flies! Last weekend was extremely fruitful. Keat visited and we went to check out Straits Cafe buffet at Hyatt and Garibaldi. The Indian selection at Straits is noteworthy but the rest of the stations dissapoint. Garibaldi which was highly recommend on Chubby Hubby's site was also dissapointing. I mean, it's nice but for that price, Ember and Buko Nero win hands down :). Tried the spinach pasta with braised duck and Keat had some artichoke ravioli which came out a bit bland. The lava cake dessert was superb with it's hazelnut ice cream.

Last weekend was also Andrea's bday. As Jin was away in India and he took along my trusty baby Canon Ixus camera, I only have these pix from Andrea. We had dinner at the latest craze in town - Graze. Out of the five dishes, the Ox cheek stood out (picture below). After dinner, we headed to New Asia Bar where the bday girl got us Moet champagne..yummy!

Enough about food..I also bought our very own mahjong set..it's still wrapped up but at least now we can play anytime. The uncle who sold it to me for S$50 from a shop at People Park Centre and told me to come back anytime I want to buy souveniers. Cute :)