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Friday, June 23, 2006

Baby San has arrived! :)

"The baby has arrived. It's a boy. 3.1kg"

I received the above sms from Soo Ching (SC) just past noon today, while I was in the cab. I could hardly contain my excitement and nearly forgot to pay the cab driver in my haste to call SC to congratulate and see how she was doing. The new parents still have yet to make a decision on his name *eyes rolling* despite the many months of planning - but SC did tell me that "Nicholas" is in the running..hurray, that was one of the names I suggested ;)

He came in one week ahead of schedule and SC commented that her 2 hours of labour hardly hurt!!

Can't wait to see him next weekend when we are back in KL.. my sms to his Daddy : Chien Wei..

"Congrats! Welcome to the world of more eye bags :))"


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