Loving Life

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The right way to end the work week..a party!

Friday morning started off badly with a F2F meeting with the "good" folks from the Agency. It was the 3 of us facing the five of them but numbers is not an issue as long as you have A at the table..she gave such a performance that I have never seen a more sorry sight..she had the 2 big guns from the Agency bowing their head in shame at her truthful statements. Felt really bad for the Agency but I have to say they deserve it seeing how much angst they have put me through for the past 3 months and oh no, I have another 3 more months to go with them..save me! sob sob sob.

Thankfully I had Cheryl's party to look forward to..that dear lady decided to splurge her well earned "award" $$ on a les amis catered event. My initial plan was to drop in early to watch the set-up but of course got delayed approving copy (due to Agency sending me the stuff at 5pm and then had to have an hour conversation with them till wayy past 7...and the nerve of the new agency girl - she was giving me such a trying time on the phone..she goes : "but sometimes more is less and less is more but more does not mean more..do you know what I mean?" - Gosh, I really had to practise my yoga breathing techniques to keep my cool!! I just replied - "Look, it's Friday evening, I am so late for my appt that it's not even funny and I don't really appreciate riddles like this after such a long day" - I hope she got the hint :).

Anyway, I arrived to the sound of laughter and wow, a lovely scene of candles and "survivor" torches. Les Amis did up the place really nicely. The menu consisted of duck pate, salmon and prawn mini bruschettas - all done pretty well. And there was a bar set-up with a good range of hard liquer. I quickly forgot about work and immersed myself with good company and dinner. Here's Cheryl and me before I had to make a quick dash home to accompany Jin for his late dinner..poor guy waited till past 10 to have his mutton murtabak from across the street where we live.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lin chose Bonta, to Bonta we go

Celebrated Lin's bday 2 days earlier as she was off to KL. Gave her a list of choices - Original Sin, Macaron, The universal and Bonta. She wanted comfort food so opted for italian at Bonta. We chose to sit in the al fresco area and not wanting to be very adventurous, stuck to the items which had been reviewed. The bread was excellent - made with a combi of walnuts and tomatoes and a dash of cheese in the middle.

The sashimi trout was a excellent starter and the considerate chef split the portion into 2 plates - a nice gesture. My mains was the roasted seabass fillet and I found it a bit too bland - can't complain too much as it did taste very healthy. Lin's lobster was yummy but the angelhair pasta could have been a bit more al dente. Too stuffed for dessert so I owe Lin a bday cake :).

It was a nice evening but spoilt a bit by this particularly rude waiter..I did not manage to catch his name but his arrogant behaviour cheesed me off...he brushed off my questions and walked away with the bill despite me mentioning several times that I have not signed it..he kept saying that there was no need to sign..and when he realised it did indeed require a signature, he did not even have the decency to apologise for his mistake..what an idiot!