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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good grief - S$20 prawns at hawker centre

Got a nasty shock during dinner at Newton Circus on Sunday night when Jun ordered 8 tiger prawns and we were served with a bill of S$160!!! That's S$20 a prawn which boils down to S$5 a bite..and trust me, it's definitely not worth S$5 a bite! I mean, I would pay $5 for one chocolate but for a chew size bite of a prawn?? and at a hot local hawker centre too :p

Here's a link to IZ's post for the full details and pictures of the small sized tiger prawns.

Lesson learnt - don't ever order from the prawn uncle who wears a cap hovering around the newton circus open air section..(actually, to be fair, the guy wasn't an uncle yet la..:) Good point to note though - one of the island's best maggi mee goreng can be found here - Din's muslim stall serves a mean and yummy maggi mee goreng with beef bits and 1 sunny side-up egg for just S$3.


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