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Friday, June 23, 2006

A lava cake worth living for :)

Finally! After weeks of tasting every molten lava cake on the menu to find one that comes close to the one at Ember, I managed to find one which satisfied my craving. Taadaa!!....

One of our agencies wanted to introduce their new graphic designer - Spencer. We met up for a working & introductory lunch at Andre Wine and Dine at Telok Air street. This small restaurant specialising in French cuisine is not that well-known but I personally think it's a hidden gem, very very value for $$. Although they serve set lunches at $20 with a good variety of options, I picked the duck confit from the ala carte menu. The succulent and perfectly oven baked duck was sooo good..I put it on my 'best place to have duck confit under $30 list' in Spore :)

After finishing every piece edible of the duck (I should have taken a pix of how well I cleaned it up..heee), I waited with mixed anticipation for the dessert made of Valrhona chocolate. It was presented in such a delicate way that I felt bad poking into it. But I had to - to make sure the chocolate will ooze out unlike the one I had at Iggy's the day before. You can imagine my delight when it did ooze out and my utter contentment when the taste lived up to its name : "Live for chocolate"...

By the way, Spencer? nice guy :)


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