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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happee Father's Day!

Jin's parents dropped in for a week's stay last week. Horrible us hardly spent any time with them due to work and other commitments so we decided to redeem ourselves by taking them out for meals on the weekend.

To celebrate Father's Day, we choose to have dinner at Zen Japanese Cuisine, our secret hideaway for good Japanese Fusion food. We ordered about 6 dishes :- Beef cubes with sweet potato (pictured : mouth-watering isn't it?!), grilled mackeral, Mushrooms with duck slices (pictured : check out the size of those mushrooms!), Curry Flavoured rice, crab croquette and soft-shell crab sushi. The quality of food here does stand out and I guess my only "complaint" is the poor variety of dessert offered - only ice-cream..quite the boring :p


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