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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Spicy Ramen craving...

After 2 days of boat food (altho very tasty, also very very oily), I developed a craving for a soupy dinner. Wee Hoon (WH) mentioned to me that she visited a ramen place at Hong Leong building in town and it served excellent spicy ramen so Jin and I decided to make that our dinner venue after being at sea for 2 days.

We drove all the way there just to find out that it does not open on Sundays :p (now, why didn't WH tell me that!) After much deliberation, we decided to head towards Robertson Quay (the lure of free parking on Sundays) to see what we could discover there. I remembered passing by a ramen place when I met up with Charmaine for lunch a couple of weeks back so in we went into "Ichibantei"

The picture-menu showed lots of different ramen (soupy, spicy, dry, japanese, taiwanese) and also Jap rice dishes. I zeroed in on the spicy katsu ramen and Jin picked the unagi, egg rice. Both were excellent choices :D. The pork in my ramen was really juicy and lean and very different from the pork in other ramens I have tried previously which is usually very very lean and not as tasty. I just wished that there were more than 2 slices! Jin's rice dish was extremely tasty and they were generous with the unagi.

We could not resist finishing the meal with a soft served ice-cream which we saw everyone having. It came in a cute cone-holding device and was delicious! Will definitely frequent this place again the next time a ramen craving hits!

Oh, funny ending to this meal..as we were paying, I picked up their business card and noticed that they had another outlet..guess where? Yup, the same one at Hong Leong building..hah! How's that for coincidence? ;)


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