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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Officially DIVE certified!

I did it! After an intense week of theory and pool lessons, a weekend (2N,3D) on a live-on-board and 5 dives later, I am officially a PADI certified leisure diver :))

We sailed off on the MV Seabourne from the Republic of Spore, Royal Yatch Club at 8pm Friday night, arriving at 7am the next morning to Pulau Aur, off the Johor coast. There were a total of 14 divers and 1 captain/cook and 2 helpers. Jun and I were the only ones taking our open water exam. We met our Dive Master (DM), Eric, who has to-date done over 1000 dives *gulp*

We did 3 dives on saturday and I managed to touch a turtle! Not bad for a novice diver yeah? Saw tons of marine life, lots of nemos, sea slugs, 2 stingrays, schools of various fishes, 3 puffer fish, 1 hermit crab, lots of nudi branch, corals - both hard and soft. The visibility on Day 1 was pretty good and I really enjoyed myself.

Was woken up at 7am on Sunday to start our 4th dive at Jack's Rock at 745am. This looked like a really exciting place to dive ..unfortunately, we were hampered by poor visibility :(. This was the 1st dive where Jin and I got to be dive buddies! Too bad the visibility was bad so we had to cut short our dive but not before I got to see Jin doing mid-water cartwheels..heehee

Eric is a really good DM..very patient, meticulous and humorous. Jun and I were really fortunate to get him to ourselves..seems it's usually 5-6 pax per DM. Overall, it was a relaxing weekend trip away from Spore..we are already looking forward to another trip in July before we head to Bali in August in search of the "mola-mola" aka Sunfish.


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