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Saturday, June 17, 2006

And Paddy turns ONE!

Well, 1 year 2 months and 2 weeks to be precise :). That's the big boy with Charmaine and me in the above photo!

I finally attended my first doggy bday party..not knowing what to get for the bday dog, I dragged Jin all over orchard and even through 1 pet shop to find the perfect gift. After looking through countless of tacky doggy stuff, we made the decision to get something for the party instead :p. We ran through our options - apple strudel, cheese cake from hilton, royce chocolates, tubs of ice cream from Island Creamery but felt that they were all too ordinary. I quickly called up my contact for Jelly Hearts Cheese cake but they were sold out for the day :(.

Finally, we decided to be plain boring and got a white wine for Charmaine instead. That, at least we hope she can recycle if she does not drink..heee ;)

The party was delightful. We met Ciku, a 1.5 year old shy Chow Chow..soo cute. And of course, Jin met Paddington for the 1st time..and he was as hyper as ever (I meant the dog, not Jin! ;)

Charmaine laid out a great spread of cup cakes from CCup, mee siam, apple pie, curry puffs, variety of ang ku kueh (I had the yam flavoured one) and grapes. The cupcakes looked too pretty to be eaten..we contemplated between the chocolate flavoured one vs coconut as the lemon really was too pretty so could not be eaten. We finally decided on the coconut, which surprisingly, did not taste anything like coconut..more tangy..it was nice..very moist, soft..I found the topping a bit too sweet so we finished everything but that part ;). Will have to give the chocolate a try next time round as we were too stuffed to eat another :(.

My last take on bday parties for doggies..I like I like I like..all dogs should have parties in my perfect world :)


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Hurray for Doggies!!!

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