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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crabs galore at Ming Kee

Weekday bday celebration with the two Serene's last night. Initially the plan was to eat at Seafood Paradise (Defu Lane) but after hearing rave reviews on Ming Kee (MacPherson Road) come separately from two friends who are seafood fanatics, we decided to check out this place.

We ordered the signature crab bee hoon, pepper crab, cereal prawns, brocolli shoots and a tofu, brocolli and mushroom dish. The crab bee hoon (pictured above) was the dry kind unlike Mellban's. Pretty good but Sin Huat's still tasted richer (but with tons of MSG - what can one expect ;). It was a good thing we ordered 2 portions, otherwise there would not hv been enough crab to go around. My fav of the night was the black pepper crab. All the crabs were very fresh and huge ($38 per kg). Feeling rather greedy, we ordered a plate of mussels. Mussels were quite yummy but sauce was really oily. Gave dessert a miss as there was talk about heading to geyland for durians and bean curd. Overall, a relaxing good meal at reasonable prices. Here's the group - I insisted we take a group photo seeing we missed taking any at the last gathering for Andrea's big day at Sage Restaurant :p. Everyone in black except me - totally forgot we were eating crab..sigh, I blame my work!!!


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