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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Iggy's - Been there, done that!

I have been looking forward to having lunch at Iggy's especially since it won the 4th best restaurant in Asia nomination and came in no. 98 on the coveted World's Best Restaurants list, being the only restaurant in South East Asia to make it within the top 100.

Pulling together my Pabulum Club friends (more about Pabulum in another post), we ventured out on a working day for our monthly "tai-tai wannabes" lunch. We had been eagerly counting down to this day since reservations were made about 1 month back.

The set menu at $45+++ showcased a myriad of entrees, mains and 4 dessert options. Since there were 4 of us, we agreed to do the really "un-glam" thing of sharing food in a glam-glam venue. Somehow the waiter saw through this and Mr Iggy himself offered to bring us plates to share...heee :D

Our meal started off with a complimentary mini appetizer of pumpkin and tofu puree..very welcoming...the taste was subtle yet defined (whatever that means ;). For entrees, we ordered the mushroom raguot, ebi cappellini and squid ink risotto with char-grilled baby squid. All the entrees were excellent! The risotto had the perfect blend of cheese, not over powering at all. Cass loved the ebi which was dried shrimps mixed in long strands of thin noodles. The mushroom came with an egg and a lovely sauce which was cleaned up instantly..am sure the cook would have been happy to see the satisfaction on our faces :D

For mains, we choose the seabass, lamb and Iggy's signature burger. The burger surprised us as we were expecting something big and meaty (kinda like the ones the size at Carl's Jr) but what was served was closer to the modest size of a Mos burger. Myra commented that we did not order from the kid's menu..heehee..anyway, of the 3, the seabass stood out..so crispy was the skin that it felt like we were having seaweed instead of fish. The lamb was so-so and actually, the rawness put me off :(. I did not try the burger (it was wayyy too small to be shared and Cass is a big eater!) but was told that it really wasn't that great especially given that it is supposed to be a signature dish.

I could not wait for dessert but I guess I should have. My molten lava cake was definitely not anything like a volcano. Nothing oozed out when I cut it in the middle..did someone forget to reheat it? Myra's banana tart was my favourite as the crust was oh-so perfect.

Conclusion - for $45+++ a set meal, I'd rather go back to my long standing favorite Ember. Iggy's won me over only through his superb entrees and excellent service...also extra marks for their divine olive bread!


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Hey, nice blog...you've eaten at quite a few places! Pity no more updates in past couple of months? Hope to see more soon!

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