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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Mei Mei!

June 27! My sister Lynda turns 29 today..(have not gotten her a pressie yet *gulp*..thankfully, there's online gift certificates ;)..heehee. ). That's us together on her wedding day last August (can you believe how hard it is to find a pix of just the 2 of us? :p)

Although we are gezillion miles apart, I hope she knows that she's always in my thoughts (we do have an uncanny skill of knowing what the other is thinking!) and I do miss her...sending out all our best wishes to her thru this blog (not sure if the homing pigeon arrived safely?) and may you have many more wonderful bday celebrations to come :) Love ya!


Blogger Lynda Ng said...

Happy Birthday to ME!! Thanks for much for the greetings on your blog! hehehehe.. yeah, can't believe how well we do in Taboo and Win Lose and Draw sinc we think alike..:) Miss you too!!!

5:24 AM  

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