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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Turqoise being the new colour..

One my my favourite things about the weekend is that I get to plan and decide on places to eat for 4 meal times. Jin, who is ever accommodating - contributes by agreeing to my choice of outlets, driving us there and most importantly, picking up the bill :D..heehee.

To reward him for to his niceness, I usually try to bring Jin to places which I myself have tried out and found them to be good (this making me his guinea piglet :)....so for today's Sunday brunch, we headed to The Turqoise Room @ Gilman Village. I have visited this place twice in the past and always felt that their pastas were pretty good. On my last visit, I managed to "steal" a bite of crab meat linguine off my colleague's plate and knew instantly that this was a dish that Jin would love!

It was a quiet morning at Turqoise, we were the 2nd patrons. With the light drizzle and amidst lush greenery, coupled with the vast space and whitewashed interior - it felt like we were in our own dream home away from the city..nice! Jin wasted no time in ordering his crab meat linguine and peach smoothie while I gave their brunch menu (which consisted of mainly different variations of omelettes) a miss and went with the grilled chicken with pesto and sun dried tomatoes pasta ( I am a sucker for anything with pesto!)

The food took some time to come but hey, it's a lazy Sunday morning so armed with borrowed magazines, we kept ourselves busy browsing. The crab meat linguine was just as I remembered it to be,,creamy tomato base with generous helping of fresh crab meat..oh, it was wayy too good! My pesto based pasta dish had 3 fillets of chicken and I love it that the sauce was evenly spread among the big portion of linguine.

Turqoise's a great place to check out - although prices are bit on the steep side- you pay for the great tasting food and lovely ambience.


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