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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Melaka - where rice become balls

I finally got to settle my craving of chicken rice balls at the famous Chung Wah a stone's throw from Jonker's street. After a short 2.5 hours drive, we reached Melaka slighty after 1pm and navigated ourselves through the useful signages to find this place in the heart of the tourist spot in Melaka. There was a short queue and after 15 minutes of waiting, we were sitted on a table with 2 other couples (strangers). With a simple menu of chicken rice, you only had to think of whether you wanted a whole chicken or half. We were each given 5 rice balls and I dipped mine constantly with the garlic laden chilli dip and was transported to rice ball heaven :). Liv keeps telling me that the rice balls are actually the same as eating the rice without the ball shape but somehow, the shape of the ball enhances its taste to me..I know..I am weird :p

Satisfied from rice balls (Jin had to finish like 2/3 of the chicken by himself - he loves the kampung chicken which he claims is much tastier than their spore town cousins - just not as smooth), we walked a good 10 minutes to Jalan Bunga Raya for cendol at Min Chong. The very nice smiley uncle served us 2 cendols and insisted we tried their vegetarian style rojak. Oddly, we found the cendol lacked gula melaka so we asked for extra to add on. The vegetarian rojak was quite standard - came with the usual beansprouts and tofu.

With stomachs full of rice and cendol (and in Jin's case - chicken too!), we staggered in the VERY HOT Melaka heat back to Jonker street where our car was parked. Came by the famous cendol shop at Jonker which serves its version with durian paste. Could not resist - so despite being stuffed, we walked in to order a bowl to share. There's another stall which serves all kinds of noodles under the same shop and we nearly ordered a bowl of assam laksa to share but am proud to say we resisted the temptation (now we have reason for a return trip to Melaka ;). The durian cendol was not as good as we remembered it to be..not enuff durian la! Jin commented that nothing beats his favourite Penang cendol ..sigh..this guy - so hard to please!!

Next morning, Liv took us to eat duck noodles at Bukit Beruang. The stall in the bullocks is actually mentioned in my Foodsters' Guide and that really surprised Liv as she grew up eating this noodle not knowing that it fell under the "famous to eat in Melaka" category :). The noodles were very smooth and the duck - lean and meaty. Simple comfort food at its best.

That ended our Melaka eating spree. On the drive home, Jin could still managed to eat his Ramli burger at the Gelang Patah rest stop on the north south expressway. This one stall on the far right of the food court area serves them fresh (only starts cooking when you order) and tastes pretty good (near KL standards :). Enuff of food for now..I need to hit the gym :p


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hey i think i visited that shop before wehn i was in melaka 2 yrs ago..and tried their chendol!

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