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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Let's go eat! I am hungry!!!

These 6 words in Charmaine's email prompted 5 ladies to head to Majestic Restaurant for a sunny Wednesday lunch date. She had read about the lobster noodle review on Chubby Hubby's blog and the picture of the lobster alone got our crustacean cravings going :))

The 4 course lunch set started with a trio of appetizers : meat dumplings, jellyfish topped with 2 slices of bbq meat (char siew) and soft shell crab. Of the 3, my fav was the crab..it was fried with garlic and had just the right amount of seasoning to make every crispy bite delicious :). The dumplings tasted like normal "shui gao" to me and the bbq meat was like Steph commented - too porky :p

The double-boiled soup came next..presentation wise, very ordinary (hey, it's a soup..what did I expect? fireworks?..heee)..but the taste was quite aromatic with a tinge of herbalness and sweetness. Came with cubes of a chinese vegetable root..I have no idea what it's called but it had a cruncy texture like a lotus root.

Then came the highlight course - braised live boston Lobster noodles with spring onion and ginger. The portion served was surprisingly generous in nature. We had a meaty claw and one half of the body. Might be a bit too much for some but to me, the portion was just right :). The noodles were a tad too soggy and Yappy commented that the taste of the noodles and lobster did not gel. I loaded my noodles with red cut chillis and finished them in a jiffy. The remaining lobster noodle broth was not wasted either - slurp slurp ;)

We ordered an extra dish of pan-fried carrot cake to share. I thought it wasn't that great - too soft and wet. And Yappy found an "added ingredient" in her plate of carrot cake, which resulted in the chef coming in to apologise ....we were also given complimentary custard-filled mini buns as a compensation.

The set lunch ($40 with OCBC card) included dessert (choice of 8 options). My love of orh nee has not subsided so I choose that over the durian crispy ice cream. To my dissapointment, Majestic's orh nee did not impress..came slightly overcooked with a layer of almond paste (I hate almond paste :P) and 3 gingko nuts. I ended up finishing Yappy's durian pastry ice cream dessert instead..heehee..she had no choice but to share seeing that I was sitting next to her..hah!

Andrea commented that the ala-carte menu served better food at more affordable prices so I will definitely come back to try it out! One thing for sure, with great service and quality food, it's no wonder this place is packed most of the time..every table was filled during lunch!


Anonymous charm. said...

thanks for this great post Cin dear!! :) :) I shall link to yours!!

10:28 PM  
Blogger :: Lavender cupcaker :: said...

wow wow wow..tats my first impression. All the food looks good lor. Am sure u enjoyed those meals..Yay! Mayb we shld meet up in Oct for a dessert indulgence! :p

5:19 PM  

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