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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Floggers din din - where blog becomes flog...

Stuffed - is the one and most appropriate word to best describe the Floggers dinner at Sage. It was supposed to be a 5 course meal but turned out to be a enormous 8 course meal - 2 appetizers, 2 mains and 4 desserts!!!

Here's the listing of the "official" menu :-

  • Fricassee of Burgundy escargot with lentil du puy and field mushrooms, poached egg and Italian parsley foam (generous portion of escargot interestingly served with an egg..loved the lentil sauce!)
  • Chesnut mousseline with oxtail consomme and truffle oil (this is ze best dish of the nite - definitely a must to return to Sage for this :)
  • Baked fillet of sea bass topped with tiger prawn mousse, braised fennel and lemon-basil emulsion (after 2 great appetizers, I found this 1st main a dissapointment - the fish was rather bland tasting, dry and probably overcooked)
  • US corn fed beef shortribs braised in red wine topped with slices of foie gras and bone marrow, glazed root vegetables and a mousseline of butternut pumpkin (with such a long name, you can surely expect this dish to be a winner and it was pretty good..despite not being a great fan of "fatty" meat, I finished this quickly..I just love butternut pumpkin!)
  • Fromage Blanc panna cotta topped with candied strawberries, Champagne jelly and a strawberry sorbet (yum yum yum! I don't think I have ever tasted a non chocolate dessert this good..the sorbet was super berry delicious!)

    And the "unofficial" :-
  • Colin's bday cake - made with heavenly chocolate (how to resist?!)
  • Sponsored truffles from Julius Truffles (I only managed to eat one piece and boy, am I glad I did!! - The Volcano Premium - made with Remy Martin XO Cognac, this can only be described as a chocoholic cum alchoholic fantasy and makes it to my Chocolate Hall of Fame! )
  • Turkish delights from hinata (sigh..if only I had 3 stomachs)

I won't go into full details of the event as most of the floggers have already written extensively well on it :). Daffy's flogblog links to the other attendees and she summed up the event pretty good in a flogshell. Just wished that there was more time to mingle around..Andrea and I were discussing this and next time, we should suggest a musical chair event where people have to move seats at every course ;).. Special thanks to Colin for organising, to the other floggers for bringing the extras and great company. Of course, not forgetting our generous sponsors : Razorsharp for the pow wow Kasumi knives and BATS for the Staub lucky prizes (wished I had won a fondue set!! ;P)

Am already looking forward to next year's meet..now I wonder who is the lucky person who got selected to plan that? ;)...hee


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