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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Around Singapore in 1 day...

Last Sunday saw Yen Ling, Ed, Jin and me driving all over Spore as part of the Power 98 Carvivor event. It was a treasure hunt of speed that had us do the following :-

1) Answer 8 questions at Downtown East
2) Fold paper aeroplanes at West Coast Park
3) Separate red beans from green beans at Lower Delta Road
4) Squeeze lime and drink the juice at Chua Chu Kang stadium
5) Skip rope and answer questions at Sentosa

Once we found out that this hunt was based on speed, we were realistic that our chances of winning was slim with 120 teams to compete with. So we decided from the start to just enjoy ourselves and not even attempt the rush ;)..I got to ride the sentosa sky tower for free and the views of Spore from the tower really wowed me! Brave Jin had to drink up all the sour lime juice mixed with lime seeds, grub from our hands and lots of our saliva..he was the MAN! (poor hon! - thankfully you did not get stomach ache). Ed and YL were great team mates with Ed's vast knowledge of the Spore roads (he was our talking street directory) and YL's infallible chirpyness definitely made the hours on the road that much more fun.

We got lots of door gifts including free tickets to watch the Spore Slingers vs Adelaide 36ers basketball game next week..kewl!


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