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Saturday, September 16, 2006

In hurry for curry...

Hsu Wei's mom makes the best best curry chicken in the whole of Spore..honest! This home-cooked dish is made scratch from only the freshest ingredients ..no store bought paste and all that nonsense. I have eaten it twice in my 4 years in Spore so you can imagine my excitement and delight when Myra organised a dinner a her place and Hsu Wei agreed to get her mom to cook for us...the date of the dinner was infact only set after we first checked with Mrs. Tan if she was free to cook :)..like Myra said - no curry, no dinner!

And the curry did not disappoint and definitely worth the wait :)..it's the kind with tinges of everything - coconut, lemongrass, chilli, spices and it's not burning hot but with the right level of satisfying spiciness.

We had ourselves a feast tonight as Myra worked her magic on a japanese salad dish, tofu with century egg, garlic bits and pork floss, baked wings, thumb-sized mushrooms with a touch of salmon and bacon bits.

Wee Hoon and I delivered a tiramisu cake which we spent our Friday night stuck indoors making ..it turned out pretty well in terms of texture but sadly it lacked the alchoholic oomph :p

Adel kept to her promise and brought along her little Noah..he is such a cutie ;)


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