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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Addicted to Prison Break!!!

Finally got hold of the dvd set of the latest "IN" tv series - Prison Break..this show is the reason I can't wait to come home during the whole weekend - forgoing weekend shopping at Orchard and not allocating time to check out the full suite of new eateries at meal times :p

Since Friday night, Jin and I have been averaging 5 hours of Prison Break a day. In between, we managed to squeeze brunch yesterday at Steeple's Deli and dinner at Al Dente trattoria.

Since hearing Charmaine raved about the peanut butter choc milkshake at Steeple's Deli, I could not come up with any good reason why we should not check it out for brunch seeing this old-time deli is barely a 2 minute walk from home ;). We sat ourselves at the half-filled bar counter and immediately ordered the milkshake. Then only did we allow our eyes to wander through the rest of the blackboard for the mains.

I choose the Reuben (pastrami with cheese) and Jin went for his usual Saturday morning brunch burger. The milkshake came first and one sip and I was silent for a good 5 minutes :) (still trying not to think about the 1000+ calories that shake's probably made of..instead, focusing on the good - nuts are good for you aren't they? hee)

I found the reuben quite ordinary - it came as a open-faced sandwich laden with tons of sauerkraut, followed by slices of pastrami ham and one thin layer of swiss cheese. Don't get me wrong..it's tasty but nothing super memorable...I think I miss my fav sandwiches at Simply Bread :). Jin's burger was a surprise... A good reasonable sized patty tucked in between 2 fluffy buns - and that's it! I was like ..err, where's the cheese? pickles? tomatoes? anything??? But there was a good reason why it came so plain..I guess the smart folks at Steeple's know how to make a good patty and they did not want any other ingredients to spoil the taste. Burger was succulent and very juicy. Not as fantastic as Marmalade's but then again, this burger was half the price :). Steeple's seems like a good place to go for quickie comfort food....laidback atmosphere and pleasant service too.

Al Dente Trattoria is located at the Esplanade's riverfront...and with the scenic Spore skyline as a backdrop this makes for a romantic dinner venue. With average mains costing $30, we usually only frequent such pricier establishments only occasionally. However, Jin received a "pressie" in the mail a few days back.,..courtesy of Citibank Platinum memberships services, he was presented with the Citibank creativeateries card that gives up to 50% discounts from the creativeateries group of restaurants. Yippee!! so Al Dente's the first on the list which we decided to check out.

Our appetizers were the grilled portobello mushrooms (which came with a good sized mixed salad) and the flower crab bisque. Both were yummy and despite having a conversation on the cell, I managed to quietly dig into my favourite mushrooms and salty rich bisque (I later found out that it was made with brandy..no wonder it tasted good..hic!). As a main, I found little fault with my oven-baked black cod fish accompanies with sides of garlic mash and slices of carrots and zuchinni. Jin thoroughly enjoyed his garlic cream based linguine arragosta which came with small portions of mushrooms and fresh lobster meat. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we had no more room for dessert but went home to Prison Break Disc 3 with happy tummys especially since the good meal came up to less than $50 for both of us :).


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