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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rack of lamb as thai cuisine?

Patara (fine thai cuisine) @ Tanglin Mall was the 2nd eatery we attacked with Jin's 50% creative eateries discount card. This thai restaurant has not been frequented by us even though it's a 5 minute walk from home because of their dear prices..a dinner there for two can easily set you back $100.

After scanning their website, I had planned for us to order the rack of NZ lamb and black cod. However, the waiter mentioned that the cod might be a bit too fishy so we went with the grilled jumbo king prawns instead. One of our appetizers was the tom yam soup which came 2 large prawns and lots of mushroom and slices of coconut. The soup had a tangy sour spicy taste - just as like all quality tom yam soups to be.

Our 2nd appetizer was the "maeng kam" - betelnut leaves which you fill up with condiments of peanuts, lime, chilli padi, garlic, baby shrimps, onions and top up with a smear of coconut tamarind paste - fold and pop into your mouth for a crunchy mouthful of mixed flavours - I call it the 4 S's - sweet, salty, savoury & spicy :)

We were served 2 portions of the grilled prawns ($28)...the prawns were very fresh and went well with the lime and lemongrass chilli sauce. The lamb ribs marinated with lemongrass was also similarly excellent... the meat was tender and absent of the usual overpowering lamby...it also came on a generous bed of papaya salad. I would clasify Patara more as a fusion restaurant than thai - a good deal only with our 50% discount - otherwise, a bit overpriced for regular casual dining:).


Anonymous charm. said...

oh!! also went to Patara recently with the card - the soft shell crab salad is Fab!

5:16 PM  

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