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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Celebrating Wee Hoon's bday @ New Asia Bar

WH invited Jin and me to join IZ and her 2 friends, Amy and Jeanne for complimentary Moet champagne and Prego cake at New Asia Bar. That lucky woman is member of Club 72 which entitles her to the above benefits. We sat at the special 'members only' area surrounded by great views of Spore.

Since we arrived during happy hour, I ordered the sour apple martini for $9 a glass..we also had a serving of calamaris (yummy!) and satay. The outing was a great way to start the work week. Had to leave early as Jin was as usual falling asleep on the cushiony couch :p. Below are some of the hazy photos taken with IZ's ipaq camera phone > sob, i miss my baby ixus :(


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