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Sunday, August 20, 2006

:p..(yet another) end of the weekend...

Was a rather hectic week - been given a new role at work and had to sit through two full days at the Oriental Hotel to digest information relating to new role :p. I always believe that it's important to maintain a good balance of work and play..so to keep sane and make myself believe that life's not all work, weekends are something I look forward to - both in terms of planning and enjoying :)

This weekend was rather fruitful..we managed to check out some new condo developments - balmoral hills, the stellar and murano. Still have not found the "perfect" condo both in terms of price range and "feel". The highlight of my Saturday was the test drive session of the Lexus RX350 :)..since cannot afford to buy one now, we thought it would be fun to test drive one and boy, we are now even more convinced that it's the car to aim for next ;).

Also found time this weekend to squeeze in 2 sessions of shoulder massage. My left shoulder decided to play bad and has been aching like crazy, causing me great discomfort and making me highly irritable. To save Jin from my crankiness, I quickly checked myself into a 40-minute massage (S$23 -package price) at My Foot Reflexolgy. They have chains all over spore. I went to the great world city one and came out feeling a lot better. Had a repeated session today but this time at the nearby Forum branch. I got a blind guy working on my shoulders..although he was a bit "clumsy", he did hit some of the right spots :).

Went over to YL and Ed's place for some home -cooked chinese meal. YL outdid herself with 5 dishes and we wiped clean the plates :). Watched Ali G for the 1st time and found him silly

Oh, bought Jin his bday pressie in advance. Booked us on a trip to Bkk in Oct to watch the Thai (tennis) open. Got Nom (jin's work acquiantance) to buy us tix for semi and finals. My first time attending real tennis tournament. Can't wait :)

Plans for the week ahead :
Mon - Lunch to celebrate WH's bday at Made IN China @ Haw Par Villa, Drinks at New Asia Bar with WH and IZ
Tues - Lunch with Abhi and Neel for them to buy WH her bday meal
Wed - Lunch with Karine at Gilman Village
Thurs - Using free pass to enjoy the kickboxing class at California Fitness Gym
Fri - Dinner with Floggers (spore food bloggers) @ The Sage
Sat/Sun - weekend trip to Melaka to celebrate Chloe's bday and eat chicky ball rice and of course, durian cendol

So there you go, life's really not all about work ;) Yay!


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