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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Waraku for simple Jap fare

Met up with Jin for dinner at his work place and after 15 minutes of checking out the eateries at Marina Square, we settled for Waraku Jap Restaurant - hidden away from the main shopping area, next to UOB bank. Walking in, I had a feeling that I had somehow been to this place before...my suspicions were confirmed when I found out that they did have a branch in the East Coast - I had checked it out a couple of weeks back but the food was so unmemorable that I had forgotten the name of the place..heehee

This time round, I decided to go with Jap 'satay' (izakaya?) and Jin went for the ramen despite me telling him that the meat was pure fat as per my previous visit. My satay dish was a combination platter of pork, chicken, scallops, bacon with asparagus and a hotdog. My fav were scallops and Jin loved the bacon but overall, all the skewers were really good..just the right amount of grilling and teriyaki sauce seasoning that was just right so as not to overpower the other flavors.

Jin's ramen was a lot better than the one I had at the East Coast branch, the char siew was in succulent round cuts of lean and fat..I wanted to finish the yummy soup but he insisted that it had ajinomoto..bah!


Blogger Lynda Ng said...

yum! scallop satay sounds nice. I think Ramen soup is made from real broth, should not have ajinomoto... right?? Anyways, whenever I have Ramen, I drink every drop of the soup..;)

1:08 PM  

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