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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Marc Loh turns the Big Three '0'

Marc turning 30 is a big thing..soo big that we made a weekend trip back to KL just to celebrate along with him ;). We met at Sure Pizza, a pizza place at Plaza Hartamas and had quite a feast followed by a RM90 cake from Bakerzin! (gosh, cakes are such good money!!) The pix here shows me with bday boy, the huge bruschettas we had as appetizers and the Bakerzin sponge cake. Oh, forgot to mentioned that I cut my hair - short! The last time my hair was this short was probably in secondary school :p

After dinner, we adjourned to a nearby mamak to catch the England world cup game. The view was bad (we could not get a good seat!) and it was soo hot! Thankfully we had lots of teh-o-ais limau to cool us down. :)


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