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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Girlfriends gathering = major mahjong sessions!

Old friends Mei Leng(ML) and Karen visited from Sydney and KL respectively over the weekend. I have known ML since our old school days when we wore our hair in pigtails. ML introduced me to Karen while at college and we've remained good long distance friends over the years.

When I meet up with my other girlfriends, it's always the usual shopping or eating spree..with this group (Lin included) however, one thing always come to mind first ..and that's our get-together mahjong sessions. We played soo many hours of mahjong the past 2 days that I am now suffering from sleep deprivation! I did not know I looked so bad until my facialist told me today that my eyes clearly reflect severe lack of sleep. :p

Back to mahjong, I started with a winning streak..and was up quite a bit (the three of us basically emptied ML's start up capital) right till the point ML decided to go for a toilet break..we are still trying to figure out what she did in the toilet because right after that, she started winning..and winning and winning! Thankfully, she was also really sleepy and was quite happy to retire to bed after we finished the customary 4 wind-round of mahjong. I don't know about the rest but I was secretly relieved she was tired as I was just about even at that point and was quite sure that if we had played on, ML would have swept up all my $$ too :p (Pix on the right shows Karen eating up the super sour "kumquat" which ML brought from Sydney)


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