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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nicklas San - exposed to his 1st smelly durian cake

Finally got to see CW and SC's baby..he was sleeping about 80% of the time we were there despite all the noise us adults make..very oblivious to noise which SC attributes the reason to the construction noise she heard every day at her office while carrying him..heee..

He has a 'mature' look surrounding him - lots of hair, well defined lips (like CW), my favourite feature are his cute cheecks..felt like giving them a quick pinch but way too many eyes on me :p

We also introduced 'baby Nicky" to one of life's greatest joys..the undisputed KING of fruits - the Durian. Keat picked up the durian cake (which I sponsored due to a lost bet ;p) and us adults had an excellent time digging in while baby had durian dreams - poor guy must be wondering why he could only smell and not taste! Soon Nicky, soon ;)


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