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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Emerald Hill chicken wings...

It's August! How the year is flying by :p...since all of us at work had not gone out for drinks for ages, Myra and I decided to round up everyone for sangrias at one of the bars on Emerald Hill - Myra has been promoting the chicken wings for over a year and I recalled that Jin had also commented that they were pretty good..so time for me to try them out myself. (nb. other memorable places for chicky wings are Ikea and Dempsey Hut..and of course not forgetting KFC's spicy chicky drumlets ;))

Even though it was a Friday evening, being the workaholics that we were, we only left work at 7pm...so by the time we weaved through Orchard Road's notorious Friday traffic, there were no more seats at Ice Cold Beer (ICB) and No 5, our top 2 choices. Only Que Pasa had seats right next to the WC - but hey, at least we did not have to stand on our feet at the bar the whole nite ;)

We started off with 2 dozen chicky wings, 2 pizzas, 2 jugs of red sangria and 1 serving of shrimp dumpling. The food took some time to arrive and we found out that it's centrally cooked in the Que Pasa kitchen and the same kitchen caters for both ICB and No 5 as well. The sangria tasted too much like fruity Ribena, what's up with the lack of wine? :p The pizza came in super thin crust style and was overall quite good. The fried shrimp wantons were a bit too floury but crispy enough and decent enough when eaten with the accompanying chilli crab sauce.

The wings arrived and all of us attacked! Boy, Myra was right..very very good..Perfectly deep fried on the outside while still maintaining the soft, juicy meat inside. And surprisingly not oily at all - unlike Ikea's where you can squeeze out like 2 tablespoons of oil from each wing :p

4 dozen wings later and 2 more jugs of sangria later (these were a lot punchier after we reprimanded the waiter not to skimp on the good stuff), we all left satisfied with bellies swimming of wings..Yay, think I've found a new place to chill!


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