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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Healthy chicken for a change...

When WH told me how good the korean ginseng chicken was at the Crystal Jade Korean outlet, I was a bit suspicious as we visited this chain at Ngee Ann previously and found that the food sucked :p. But then again, we had the bibimbap (which WH agreed with me tt it was not good). With visions of yummy chicken soup in my mind, I managed to convince Jin to meet me for a Friday night dinner at the Centrepoint branch.

We did not make reservations but found out that there was no need to as the place was only half filled. Waitresses dressed in traditional korean customes lead us to our seats. I was quite impressed with the decor and ambience..lots of dark wood and good choice of lighting - reminded me more of a spa than a restaurant..I immediately felt relaxed :D

Since it was only 2 of us, we stuck to 2 dishes, the Ginseng Chicken (S$25) and the seafood pancake (S$15). We were presented with 6 kimchi dishes as appetizers and they all tasted rather good. Very shortly after, our chicken arrived. It was served as a whole chicken and when we cut through the tender soft meat, we found bits of rice mixed with gingko nuts, 1 chestnut and 2 red dates. The soup tasted fabulous and when we dug further, we found a whole ginseng embedded in the soup. I requested for some soya sauce and white pepper , which I mixed as a dip for the chicken..this is one real comfort dish which warms the stomach and makes you feel good :)

The seafood pancake arrived cut up in 8 slices and was also pretty yummy! It came with a special dipping sweet/salty sauce and did not have an oily taste despite it being pan-fried. I could only manage 2 slices and we ended up packing half of it as a take-away :p

Quite happy I listened to WH and gave this place a 2nd chance. It's definitely on my "return visit" list and am looking forward to bringing Jin's parents here the next time they come a knocking.


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