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Thursday, August 17, 2006

1 + 1 Zhang equals Azhang

We celebrated Mad's bday wayyyy in advance as she's one popular chick :p. Having read some good stuff on Azhang at Mohd Sultan, the 5 of us decided to meet there for her bday meal. I was a bit surprised to find the restaurant empty despite it being dinner time..I am guessing that they get their crowd from lunch.

We ordered a variety of dishes (family style) - honey glazed lamb, beef curry, seafood platter and the corn salad. As Ava the hostess carefully warned us that the mains might take some time to arrive, it was therefore a nice treat to be served yummy focacia bread which we dipped in olive oil to hold back our hunger pangs.

The corn salad was refreshing with roasted corn bits and springy (ice?) lettuce. The seafood platter came with a generous portion of squid (which chef Patrick had done perfectly so that the insides were still moist, therefore, making each bite succulent and juicy), baked salmon and grilled tiger prawns on a platter of (butter?) cooked rice. I enjoyed both the squid (maybe bcos it was served with spicy belachan ;)) and the prawns.

The lamb had just the right amount of sauce (not overally sweet) and was tender to the bite. Was quite dissapointed with the beef curry as I was expecting something more spicy (i guess i was still missing the food at Bali!) - although the beef was super tender (totally melts in your mouth), the sauce/gravy was more bland and had a rather peppery taste.

Service was great - Ava's really warm and friendly and overall, Azhang's a nice place for a casual, relaxed outing with good company. Happee bday Ms Zhang Mei Li (coincidently, Mad's surname is also pronounced "Zhang" :p ) Pix below shows us all at Mamma Lucia after dinner enjoying their cheap drinks at the "bar". $1.50 for gourmet latte anyone? :)


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