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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Good ol Marmalade...

Was starving by the time I got Jin out of his sleepy stupor this morning at 9.30am. We set off at 10 to Muddy Murphys to try their bangers and mash which a colleague had raved about. We were disappointed to find out that this place only opens at 11am :(. That left us with 2 nearby choices - Coffee Bean and Marmalade Pantry..guess which one was the obvious choice (especially since Jin was paying) ? :D

As it was only 10.15am , they had just opened for business and we were the 1st patrons. Jin said he was not going to have lunch by having a BIG brunch..and choose the beef burger while I went with the chicken pesto wrap. The burger came with a HUGE, fat patty, done perfectly medium well with pickles and sides of fries and baby tomatoes. At 1st bite, Jin was in burger heaven and was quiet throughout his meal except for the occassional grunts of satisfaction ;).

My grilled chicken wrap came in a thin tortilla wholemeal wrap with pesto sauce and butternut squash along with sides of salad and high quality chips. Meals at Marmalade never dissapoint and it was nice that we got managed to finish our lovely meal before the crowd trickled in...no wonder the place is always packed weekend mornings.


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