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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tex-Mex for Lin

Lin wanted to eat Au Petit Salut at Chip Bee Gardens for her bday meal..unfortunately, they do not open on Sunday nights so we went with her 2nd choice - Chico's and Charlie mexican at Orchard Parade Hotel. When I made the reservations, they failed to tell me that they were now called Harry's (same chain of Harry's at Boat Quay) and we actually walked past the restaurant in search of Charlie's :p

Tex-mex food is definitely best eaten when in a group..cos all their portions are usually huge! We ordered nachos, seafood platter, grilled chicken chimichangas and beef steak fajitas. When the nachos arrived, we were a bit taken back by the size of the serving and immediately asked the waiter to cancel one of our mains. However, they replied that everything was already being prepared so we waited to stuff ourselves silly..heehee

The nachos were our favourite tonight..crispy and light, unlike some shops which serve them from the packet - this one seemed handmade - it came with generous toppings of sour cream, cheese, olives, tomatoes, guacamole and jalapenos. For the other dishes, although tasty, we felt that it was ordinary..Iguana's serves better mains.

We did not have dessert as I had Lin's bday cake waiting at home.


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