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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Triple M - Mark (at) Moghul Mahal

Bday Post No 1 - day before actual bday.
If there ever was a world's fusiest eater title - I am 100% sure my colleague Mark would hold that honour. This Ozzie guy does not eat seafood of any kind, mushrooms (yes, you read correctly -what's wrong with him right?), tomatoes, fast food and gives coffee a miss. Going out for meals with him can be quite entertaining as you always discover something new that his delicate tastebuds reject!

Anyway, for his bday - we decided to go with indian and choose Moghul Mahal located at Novotel Hotel. They serve a pretty decent buffet lunch for S$15 nett. Mark seemed quite excited as he piled his plate up high with food- not once but twice!..we wondered if he knew the concept of a buffet is that you can go back for repeat servings (no need to cheong!) ;).

A good place to come to to satisfy indian food craving and value for money!

Bday post No 2 - actual bday
Angela (sweet gal she is), Mark's cube mate bought him a small choc mousse cake from Bakerzin. I gathered everyone around and we surprised Mark with the cake and a 'traditional' Sporean birthday song. Mark had previously commented that only in Spore do people clap while singing the Happy Bday song..I can't agree with him more! It's quite funny ..heehee.

Oh, and that Bakerzin cake? too yummy for words..it had a really nice crust at the bottom which we all attacked first leaving behind the mousse for WH to clean up. I believe this was his 34th - talk about being old ;))


Anonymous charm. said...

ya lor mark what's wrong with you :D might as well go veggie then at least can save some animals eh :D charmaine

11:11 PM  

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