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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lazy weekend!

It's been awhile since I last blogged..laziness coupled with having my camera hijacked by Jin (he left it in the office) , my mantra : no camera = no pictures = no blogging :p

Anyway, I told myself that in 2007, instead of planning for every single weekend to be over occupied, I am going to take it easy and let the weekends plan themselves. So far, that has given us lots of time to catch up on our backlog of dvds (this weekend alone we watched The Painted Veil, Pan's Labyrinth and Curse of the Golden Flower) and I finally finished 1 of the 4 books I am halfway through reading :)

Slower weekends has also given us more time to do spontaneous stuff..like visiting Anne and VB for breakfast on Sat morning..Anne made sourdough pancakes, bacon and sausages and I stuffed myself with her yummy homemade nut cookies. Jin had a great time playing with her two dogs. In the evening, we visited Janice's (colleague) pre-CNY open house and tasted some marvelous mee soto and homemade popiah. Wished I had my camera to show how good the food was and also the 2 doggies, snowy and yuki :p

And then we did a impromptu stop to check out Cheryl's (colleague) apartment at Aspen Heights. She's got a lovely unit on the ground floor with a super huge balcony. Hope I convinced her to get a bbq set and be invited when she does a mean amercian BBQ :) On sat, we also helped Edward and Liliane (who have just moved to Spore, together with baby Lucas - he is such a cutie!!) do some grocery shopping..I now officially know the price of a pack of Fair Price baby diapers :p.

Today was a really slow day. Went to check out our new apt - move in date still unchanged - mid 2007 :(. Also gave in to Jin's chicken rice craving to check out Loy Kee at Balestier. Have no comments on their chicken but the rice and chilli was pretty good. They also do a really tasty hainaniese porridge and for $3, a good deal.

Now, waiting for Lin and RY to arrive for a good game of tennis..weather's been really good so expect a good workout before our cze char dinner at Block 89, Zion Road.


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