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Monday, November 27, 2006

And Mitsu gets a new resident...

Good buddy Li Ling gave me a Harrod's bear for bday pressie. Rather than stuff another stuffed bear in the cupboard, I decided that he was so handsome that he deserved a permanent seat in Mitsu (my car) next to the other resident who's been a feature since Day 1 - Bunny aka Rabbit.

During yesterday's 6 hours drive back from Ipoh to Spore, Jin and I brainstormed through a list of potential names for our new friend....so, here's introducing William Wallace the IInd (aka Wally for short) - named after Mel Gibson's character in Braveheart the movie. We decided to name him after the Scotish folk hero based on his kilt...starting to regret it though...poor wally, lots of people have been molesting him to check out what's underneath that dress ;)


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