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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The last of this year's bday postings...

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro

Charmaine found out it was my bday last week and treated me to lunch at Greenwood Fish Market today. UOB had a great 1-for-1 offer for November bday boys/girls so I suggested that we hv lunch there (good deal for an othewise too expensive fish n chips place :p). We ordered the calamari as a starter and dory fish and chips as mains. The calamari's were a tad oily but very fresh and went especially well with the thai chilli dip.

The fish came with 2 generous portions, chips and salad. Again, freshness was the key to the tasty meal. After finishing the fish, C still wanted dessert and I asked to share with her but she said we shld each hv one so we could try 2 desserts instead of one. Heehee. Hence we ordered the apple crumble and chocolate fondont which needed 20 minutes of preparation time. I think I must be tired of eating chocolate fondont which is another name for the molten lava cake. This version was not bad..again, you can't go too wrong when using Valrhona. The apple crumble served with a scoop of vanila ice cream and drizzled with some raspberry sauce was actually a refreshing change from having chocolate for dessert. It was not too sweet and baked quite well as the insides were just nicely moist and not too dry.

C and I had a pretty good time catching up. Am def going to bring Jin here to try out the food..service is good and food is pretty decent once you get over the prices ;)..am keen to check out the seafood platters as well..they hv 2 versions, hot and cold priced at $80 each..ouch!

Peach Garden @ Novena

Last week, I finally got to try the food at Peach Garden with the girls. We had the eggplant with floss, wasabi prawns, pork ribs, venison with noodles made from fish , soupy spinach with egg and the house speciality dessert of pulut hitam with a scoop of ice cream served in a young coconut. The dessert is truly a meal in itself and we were so full we were semi-comatose after the dinner. I really liked the wasabi prawns and noodles which were quite springy and tasty! Found the pork ribs a tad too porky for my liking and the eggplant was wayy too oily. Pulut hitam dessert should only be eaten on an empty stomach in order to allow oneself to walk steadily after :p

Humble House @ Esplanade

On another night, I visited Humble House. Have not been back for 2 years and vaguely remembered a really good spinach tofu with enokki mushroom dish and the wasabi prawns served with macademia nuts. We ordered these 2 dishes and some herbal soup, soft shell crab and a deep fried beef dish. The tofu and prawns were still as yummy as I remembered them to be. The other dishes were so-so and pricey! Beef tasted like expensive bak kwa :p. Service for such a supposedly classy establishment was downright poor..the staff hardly spoke English, served us a wrong order and did not clear our finished plates. Have informed Jin that we won't come here again..will check out Club Chinois and do a comparison soon :)


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