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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bday lunch at Au Petit Salut

My work colleagues are such a sweet bunch...they got together to buy me lunch at Au Petit Salut @ Chip Bee Gardens today..the set lunch offered a $22+++ was one of great value. On the appetizer list were a number of good choices : half dozen escargots, cold platter, soup, salad etc. For mains, the team had venison stew, chicken cordon bleu, pan seared beef, tuna and seafood risotto. Dessert choices were creme caramel, chocolate ganache, choux buns with vanilla ice cream and chestnut mousse. I was pleasantly surprised when the chestnut mousse came with a bday candle and my dining companions sang Happy Bday to me :)))..Ended the meal with a cup of strong coffee (also part of the set) and very very satisfied. My choice pick would be the escargots as starters, beef for mains and the chocolate ganache to end.


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