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Monday, November 27, 2006

The best wedding meal to-date..Ipoh

When Seong Jiun first informed us that his wedding lunch was going to be held in Ipoh on a Sunday, we initially had doubts on whether we could attend it - mainly due to the distance (no direct flight to Ipoh from Spore and driving would mean at least 6-7 hours one way)

However, Seong Jiun has always held a special place in our hearts and we consider him one of the best friends one can ask for in our short time in planet earth..so Sunday saw us driving up from KL to attend the wedding. Made a quick stop before lunch to visit Jin's aunt, cousin and nieces and nephew before lunch. Here's Shawn, Emily and cutie Alexis with mummy Ah Ling.

Then it was off to Sun Lee How Fook restaurant at Jln Kampar - opposite The Store supermarket (+6016 540 8218). BOY, are we glad we decided to attend the wedding!..besides finally getting to meet the lucky bride and share in the occasion with SJ, the wedding lunch was beyond excellent. I seldom take pictures of food at a wedding (it's quite embarassing to make a table of 10 semi-strangers wait for you while you go trigger happy) but I really could not help myself.

We had crabs, lobster, soup, suckling pig, sea cucumber, 2 kinds of cod fish and dessert was hasma with soya milk. Although there were only 6 dishes instead of the usual 10 I can honestly say I have never eaten a better wedding meal elsewhere. We also managed to catch up with Ming Ming and Heng Choon and made the wedding couple kiss long long while we did the dragged out "yam seng" cheer.

Had to rush off for our 6 hour drive home to Spore right after lunch but not before stopping to stock on famous Ipoh biscuits. Am going to be biscuit happy for many weeks to come :)


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