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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Su Ming visits and brings along 4 seasons famous duck!

Jin has been on cloud 9 since Sunday..his cousin from London, Su Ming dropped into Spore for 2 nights and carried with her a whole roast duck from the famous Four Seasons Restaurant in London. Now, I am not much of a duck fan and people close to me know that I love Dian Xiao Er's duck only because I get the fantastic gravy :D. Jin on the other hand LOVES duck (and Chicken rice - which I also do not fancy except for the hainanese chilli sauce :p)

So, imagine his absolute delight digging into the fatty duck at 10am on Sunday morning..and then having it again Monday night for dinner - claiming repeatly how yummy it was :)). Thanks Su Ming for making Jin one happy boy (well, for a few days till his duck supply runs out anyway..heehee)

p/s- check out the coincidence..the morning Jin was digging into his duck, Sunday Times featured an article on Robin Ho, marmalade pantry's chef stating that the best meal he ever had was the roast duck at Four Season Chinese restaurant (!!!) Quote : "...they use free-range duck from farms around Britain. The birds are corn-fed, so the meat is fatty and super succulent. Best in the world."


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