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Monday, November 27, 2006

More bday post - dedicated to Jin :)

DH finally came back from HK, night b4 my bday. His plane touched down about 10nish on Friday night and I was surprised at midnite with 2 slices of cake from Coffee Bean..heehee..poor hubby..had to drop off his luggage at the guardhouse and run to Coffee Bean to get cake and then have to sneak cake into home without arousing suspicion..I was really really surprised when he started crooning "Happy Bday" at midnight. Mushroom deco on top of cake was specially dedicated to me!

Went for a yummy expensive Jap dinner at Menara Kek Seng in KL. We had a sashimi platter, teppanyaki beef, king prawns, cod and garlic fried rice. Sesami ice-cream ended the meal splendidly.

After dinner, went over to M&M's place for drinks with Piggy and to see her wedding pics/video. Was surprised by another bday cake (this time a 1.5kg chocolate sponge from La Manila) - again planned by DH...wow, he really went all out this year to surprise me..must be feeling bad that he deserted me for 2 weeks in HK :D


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