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Friday, July 28, 2006

Happee Birthday Yappy!

It's really hard to choose a restaurant to bring Yappy to as she does not take both carbo and beef. As we were catching The Lakehouse movie at Shaw, I recommended Crystal Jade..however, upon arrival, I also noticed that there was a Tonkichi restaurant next to crystal jade and we bravely decided to eat (un)healthy fried Tonkatsu instead :)

Their speciality was the grain fed pork meat but I personally thought the basic tonkatsu tasted better..must be that my taste buds have to reached a higher status yet :p. Both Andrea and Ah Loi insisted that the tonkatsu at Liang Court basement was much better..I can't recall (been there too!) but then again, was never a tonkatsu fan anyway..

I went with a safe choice of the cold ramen which was rather tasty..I love eating cold ramen with yellow mustard but I think I had a bit of an overdose - finishing 1.5 small plates of mustard :p.


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