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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sambal chilli paste fried fish..

...definitely not the healthiest of lunch choices but hey, we live to eat ;).

While talking about food in Port Douglas some months back, I remembered DC going on about this fried fish he loves in the Zion Road area. He agreed to bring us to try it out but this "promise" was conveniently forgotten in the bustle of work back in Singapore...

I bumped into DC at the cafeteria yesterday and reminded him of the fried fish and boom (!) today we got to try it out for lunch. He drove us to a dingy hawker area just next to the Boys Brigade at Zion and we ordered from the zhe char store the fish, tofu, belacan chicken and pork chops.

The fish was indeed good. The sambal chilli tasted excellent with it - more sweet than spicy. We polished it to the core or should I say bone? :). Besides the fish, the pork chops were also yummy. They had tenderised the meat really well making every bite easy. I really enjoyed this lunch outing and will definitely bring Jin back here..maybe we will each have our own fish serving.


Blogger Lynda Ng said...

Where is the picture of the fish and the sambal? :P You need to go back and take some pictures...:)

4:14 AM  
Blogger cindee said...

I will i will ;)..stay tuned..

1:50 PM  

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