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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Barbeque meat galore @ Aburiya

Jin has been pestering me to try out Aburiya ever since we walked by it while looking for the ramen place in the Robertson Quay (RQ) area. Getting a food request from Jin is quite rare - seeing he only eats to live and not live to eat like me ;) - so I thought I would indulge him and got a group of us together for this meat escapade.

We got a seat outside facing the river and the lovely coloured bridge in RQ. They have thoughtfully installed big fans on the outside so it was not warm. The menu is pretty intimidating as they had meat in ranges of pork, beef, duck, chicken, lamb - the words were small and Japanese was the main language followed by English. After the 2 guys scrutinised the menu for 10 minutes and still could not decide, we figured that the help of the waiter would move things along ;)

That it did - we ordered like 6 dishes of meats and 2 salads - spinach and cabbage..the salads were great compliments to the rather "heaty" bbq meats and yummy too. Our absolute favourite cut was the beef 'Jo Karubi' ..no words to describe this - everytime I think of this dinner, I can just imagine Jin's words - Hmmm, IT's soooo Gooood! Aburiya is definitely our place of choice the next time we are hit with a bbq craving and cannot fly to Hiro in Japan ;). Much better than Gyu Kaku down the street and cheaper too!


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