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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Finally - no more cinderella :)

It has been some time since our regular maid, Aurora went MIA on us ...and I am sure those close to me would know this as they hear my constant whining about having to iron Jin's work shirts and not to mention keeping the house clean on top of doing laundry.

Thank you everyone who helped pass me the contacts of their maid. We finally settled on a lovely burmese lady by the name of Pow. She came highly recommended from Jin's ex-colleagues (Steph and Doris) who are now residing in Hong Kong.

She came right on time today and I liked her immediately..very sweet looking (infact I told Jin that I am happy she's not our full time maid as she can be a temptation ;) and five hours later, my house is back to its pristine condition! Hurray,,I hope she stays!


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