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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mooncake - back to original

It's that time of the year again where our office pantry is filled with boxes of mooncakes. Every year I look forward to getting a bite of the snowskin mooncakes - sadly, we got fewer this year compared to last year and I only managed to try the white chococlate truffle snow skin mooncake from Raffles once :p. YL mentioned to me she liked the baked ones from Ritz so imagine my delight when I received a box of Ritz Carlton's mooncakes and yes, she was right, the lotus paste really was excellent..just the right mild sweetness wrapped in delicious pastry! Of late, we have had all sorts of flavours hitting our shelves - Baked peach mooncake with macademia nuts and white lotus paste, baked mooncake with ginseng, wolfberries & melon seeds - to name a few, but despite all these new flavours, I still like the original flavoured ones - plain lotus without any yolk - especially when they are made so exquisitely like Ritz's....simple is best! :)


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