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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hing Hwa meal @ Pu Tien

Started off the week meeting up with Andrea, Mad and Angeline for dinner. We initially planned to eat at Majestic but Andrea mentioned that the standards have dropped since we were last there...So it was a choice between Taste Paradise or Pu Tien. The later became the choice as I was feeling a bit poor and Pu Tien's much more affordable! hee..

Having read up reviews on Pu Tien, we knew straight away what to order. The famous Hing Hwa mee hoon noodles, yam deep fried with duck, pork floss with eggplant, drunken prawns and house speciality beancurd. The eggplant dish I liked the most as the sweet taste of the floss mixed with the more bland fried eggplant gave each crunchy bite an interesting aftertaste. The noodles tasted rather bland but had generous ingredients of veg, prawns, seaweed, peanuts, tofu and somehow, even though it's fried, you don't see a speck of oil..it had a wonderfully dryish texture - I was quite impressed :)

I found the duck overcooked and tough so only managed to eat the yam part which was stuck to it. Not much of a steamed prawn person so drank more of the wine soup which was not bad..could do with more wine! The beancurd was good - but it was precisely what one would expect. Mad and I love the chilli in this place..I think we practically dipped anything and everything into it and finished up the container at our table! We concluded that this was a place to try at least once :). For dessert, we headed to Selegie for yummy Rochor beancurd at just 80 cents a bowl.


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