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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Busy Sunday!

Where did my Sunday go?! Let's see :

9am : started golf lessons at Keppel Club today :)!! Our coach - Jo- is Aussie and seems to know what he is talking about..first lesson was all about getting the basics right - grip, stance, mid-swing. He took a video of us and am happy to say that my stance is very alike to Tiger Woods..lol...next lesson in 3 weeks time..can't wait!

10.30am : checked out nearby Caribbean apartments - lovely compounds and love their jacuzzi with views of the open sea. Too bad it's leasehold and over 1,000 units :p

12pm : rushed to Gilstead Brooks and 38 Barker road to view cluster homes. Gilstead reminded us of the townhouses in US. very nice development..now, where to find the mullah? :p

1pm : dropped in to check out Residences @ Evelyn (just launched) - fantastic views of the city, great location - have to start buying lottery!! :D

1.45pm : finally -time to feed growling stomach. went for a 1-for-1 chinese feast at Mouth restaurant @ Safra Toa Payoh. Here's what we had :
  • double boiled shark fin's with avocado and chicken soup (they ran out of avocado and replaced with mushrooms instead - no complaints from mua the mushroom lover here ;) - soup was very flavourful - good start to the meal
  • braised bamboo pith w pumpkin & spinach sauce (found this quite ordinary - sauce no oomph)
  • steamed black chicken w tang gui & black fungus (this was yummy - the chicky meat came off the bones and the soup gravy was soo sweet from all the good ingredients - polished this off easily and jin's portion too ;)
  • steamed crab with DOM liquer & egg white (how can one not like this? :)..we got all our fingers dirty digging the meat out and sucking the claws clean..the egg white was a great compliment to this dish)
  • braised abalone with brown rice (only one eenie meanie small piece of abalone but the rice was tasty with some nice gravy so that it was not too dry)
  • double boiled pear w lily bulb & fungus (this dessert was ok..a bit sweet but the fungus and lily bulb gave it a nice crunchy taste)

We also got a bonus dessert of their house speciality - durian 'mochi'..very yum! and this got us very very FULL....*burp*

3pm-5pm - can't remember what we did - must be due to food overload (oh, yeah, chatted with michelle - sweet gal called from KL..sigh, i do miss our friends back home:(

5pm onwards - worked on presentation slides for monday and tuesday :( , wanted to to watch Lara Croft on local tv but realised we have watched it before. stole some of jin's yummy jap instant noodles and had a huge choc shake for dinner :D

11pm onwards - update blog while chatting with little sis in US :)

Busy week ahead - looking forward to lunch with gf's at Ritz with celebrity chef Justin Quek who's in town. Then off to India to visit the lovely Taj (urgh, forgot that there's work too!) and then back to KL for flight to Nepal..woohooo..am really pumped up for that trip..Little sis flying back with hubby and bro-in-law to join us for this trip along with mom! It's going to be a HaPpY 3 weeks in October :)))


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